August 19, 2008

They're Straight!

One week later and I would say the surgery was a success.

Bandages after surgery
Don't they look great!

August 13, 2008

Our Little Trooper

Megan had her surgery on her thumbs yesterday and everything went great. She was such a trooper throughout the whole thing. The only thing we had to fight her a little on was the medication to make her a little loopy so they could put her completely under. She said it tasted gross and wanted some water. I thought she looked so cute in her hospital gown.

They gave her coloring book to pass the time while we were waiting for the surgery to begin. She doesn't usually color that much, but she loved it that morning.
This picture is of her showing us her sticker that told us her temperature. I hadn't seen anything like that before. I think she kind of liked having a sticker on her forehead.
You might not be able to tell, but she is a little loopy in this picture. At one point she broke out in the Veggie Tales theme song. She was pretty funny to watch when the medication started taking affect. It definitely helped lighten the mood. I was fine until they rolled her away on the gurney. Then Brian and I both lost it. Thank goodness we weren't away from her for very long.
This picture is after her surgery in recovery. We asked her to smile for the camera and this is what we got. She was trying. I thought it was a funny picture. The nurses told us that most kids come out of anethesia very irritated and most of the time unconsolable. Not Megan. She was so good and never complained a bit.
She has a pretty big gauze bandages on that we will be able to take off on Thursday morning. Then she will where regular bandaids for about a week and then she's done. We still haven't given her anything for the pain. I can't believe that. Except for the bandages on her hands, you wouldn't know she had surgery yesterday. She did such a good job with everything and we are so proud of her. We will post a before and after picture once we take off the gauze.

More Birthday Fun

Megan had a pretty good birthday this year. On Thursday she celebrated with Trey and Beni at playgroup. Thanks so much for the yummy cupcakes and the gifts. She loves them so much.

On Sunday we had a BBQ with family for her birthday. She made out pretty good. She doesn't like cake, but as you can see she likes frosting.
We had a surprise visit from Jeremy and Kasidee. They were on a motorcycle trip and stopped by. They had perfect timing. It was a complete surprise when I opened the door and Jeremy was standing there. It was great to see them.
Ryan and Becky and my mom
Brian's parents and grandparents

Tom, Megan and Ashlyn
Ryan, Becky and Great Grandpa Ralph

August 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Megan!!!

I can't believe our little girl is 3! Time has gone by too quickly. It seems like only yesterday that we were bringing her home from the hospital. She is such a joy in our lives and we love her so much. I love to tell Brian at the end of the day all the silly things she has said and done throughout the day. She is such a help with Ashlyn and loves her so much. Happy Birthday Megan!!!!!

Water Wagon Fun

I turned on the hose for Megan to play with the other day and let her have some fun. I went inside but peaked back out when she wasn't looking. Apparently the wagon is fun to fill up and sit in. And she was trying to wash her hair in the second picture. Oh, to be young again.