April 9, 2009

Zip me up, Mom

I'm not really sure what Megan was thinking the other day, but she decided to play in my duffel bag. She would zip herself inside and then laugh. To make it even funnier, she was wearing a swimsuit and then asked for a blanket to keep her warm. What an imagination!

Another one of Ashlyn's silly faces

If she isn't scrunching up her nose, she is making fish faces. You wonder where they learn these things. She makes me laugh every day.

St. Patrick's Day Hair

Thanks to my friend Alyce, Megan had extremely cute hair on St. Patrick's Day. After preschool that day, I asked Alyce if she would do something with Megan's hair. Megan always lets other people do things to her hair, but not me. It's amazing how pulling her hair back changes how she looks. Too bad she won't let me do this every day. Thanks Alyce!

Crawl Space

A couple of weeks ago, Brian had to get in the crawl space to do something with the phone line. I thought Megan would be scared, but she wanted to get in there with him. Crazy girl!
Of course she had to have her gloves, snow pants and boots to match Brian. He had his work gloves, boots and coveralls on. She is such a copy cat.
Silly little girl - she sure loves her daddy!

Brian's Birthday

So I am a little behind in posting. I need to get on the ball. Brian's birthday was March 12. It is tradition to take a turkey to Smokey Davis and have it smoked for his birthday dinner. The party is usually with his family and I always invite my parents (which they appreciate, they love that turkey). It is always a good time and this year was no exception.

I decided to have fun with the camera and took this picture. Don't they look yummy?
Good food, good company
Ashlyn enjoying the party