March 6, 2010

My Girls

These are some random pictures of the girls lately. I have to say, I think I have the cutest girls in the world.Getting ready for bed. Such posers!She is going to kill me for this when she gets older. We are kind of potty training, so I had to snap this picture. Can you see the whole stack of books on the counter? She loves to read while she waits.
Getting ready for church. What cuties!


Back in January we went bowling with the Mustang Club. Both girls absolutely enjoyed themselves. I love the ramp they provide for the little ones. It really helps the momentum of the ball.
Megan was so funny. She would start jumping up and down and get all excited before the ball even hit pins. I think she could have gone all night.
Ashlyn wanted to be the big girl and always carry her own ball to the ramp. You can see the ramp is about the same size as she is.
I can't take a picture these days without Ashlyn making this face. She says "cheeeeeeeese" and squints her eyes. You can tell by the smiles they had a blast.