July 19, 2009

A little young still

Yes, that's underwear she is wearing. This little girl wants to grow up faster than she needs to. Sometimes when I am getting Ashlyn ready for the day, she will go in to Megan's dresser and pull out a pair of panties. She tries to put them on herself but doesn't usually have much luck. If I don't put them on her, she gets pretty mad. She has also been wanting to use the toilet. She will back up to it if we are in the bathroom. I usually just sit her on it for a couple of seconds and tell her she did a good job. She loves her sister so much and wants to do everything she does. This picture makes me laugh every time I see it.

The good old days


On Thursday it was so stinkin' hot that we decided to put the sprinkler under the trampoline to cool off a little. We used to do this all the time growing up, so it was fun to watch the kids do it.
Good action shot of Megan and Trent(our neighbor). They really had a lot of fun with it.
You can tell my Trent's face that the water is a little cold.

This is what Ashlyn did most of the time. She would just shake the hose up and down while standing in the little pool. She loved it.

Swimming Lessons

This past week Megan started swimming lessons with Amanda Deason. She has done so good. Amanda is such a great teacher and I have seen improvements already in how comfortable Megan is in the water. She is so excited every day to see Amanda.

July 9, 2009

4th of July

This 4th of July we were going to be in so many different places that we decided that we would do fireworks the night before. It was a lot of fun to watch Megan and her excitement over the littlest things. And we even got yelled at by a neighbor down the street. Apparently we were scaring her dog. We didn't even have anything illegal.
Funny smile. You can tell she is having too much fun.
Not a very good picture - it was a lot better in person.

The next day we went to Caldwell and watched the parade. It went right in front of my parents house so we didn't have to walk far.
Ashlyn really enjoyed the parade. She sat and watched very intently.

We even got to see Thomas the Train.

Here is Megan eating her favorite food "corn on the cod". It doesn't matter how many times we try to correct her, she still says cod. We joke with her and tell her she is eating corn on the fish and then she just laughs.

Maybe I do have a green thumb

I have never had a garden because every flower that I try to keep alive ends up dying. I decided this year I would try just a few vegetables so I planted some tomatoes and cucumbers in a couple of pots. It has been exciting to see buds actually turn into something. Here are a couple of pictures of my potted garden. I think since it was a success this year, we will find a spot in the back yard for a garden next year.