February 25, 2009

Preschool Fieldtrip

For the month of February I taught preschool for our little group. It was fun. For our field trip we went to Cabellas and looked at all the animals. If you have never been, you should go. They have some pretty incredible displays. I think we all had a good time.


On Friday we went to the Colemans for some food and fun. After we got the kids to bed we played our favorite game, Uno Attack. We all love that game and can't seem to get enough of it. Just when you think you are going to win, someone steels your hand.
Megan and Kenny love their dads.
This was too cute. I had to get a picture. She was even rocking in it at one time.
The kids had to watch a couple of games before they went to bed.

Megan couldn't get to sleep in the guest room so she came out on the couch and this is how she fell asleep. Both Kenny and Megan were a little confused the next morning. Kenny was wondering where Megan was and she wanted to know why we weren't still at his house. Apparently she didn't remember the ride home.

Windy day at the park

Last Thursday we went to Parkridge Park with Rebecca, Trey and Tian. When we first left the house it wasn't too cold but when we got to the park it was pretty cold and windy. We had some red noses and cold hands.
Ashlyn was happy when we first got there but soon got sick of the cold.
Megan loves going to the park.

Megan loved riding in Trey's jeep. Thanks for the ride Trey!

February 1, 2009


No, she didn't really get a strike, but she came pretty close a couple of times. Megan got to go bowling for the first time when we went with the Mustang Club last weekend. She had a great time and definitely wants to go back.
Brennan really liked helping Megan. That ramp sure helps a lot.
That pink ball fit Megan perfectly - her favorite color.
Ashlyn enjoyed herself too. Here she is just sitting back and relaxing.

Visit from Erik

On the 21st, my brother Erik drove up from Utah to see Grandpa Ralph. And then he drove back the same day. Wow! We had to put Grandpa in a nursing home a couple of weeks ago and Erik took full advantage of a free day to come up and see him. They will be having a baby in April and he knew he wouldn't probably be able to get up here for quite a while.
Megan and Grandma Jello
Grandpa and Erik.
Grandpa later told me how much he appreciated Erik taking the time and coming to visit him. Thanks Erik for brightening Grandpa's day and taking the time to come up.

Quick trip to Rupert

About 2 weeks ago we decided to take a quick trip to Rupert and visit Brian's grandparents. We don't get to see them much and decided to take advantage of a free weekend. They had never seen Ashlyn except in pictures, so it was great for them to see her.
Ashlyn and Megan just hanging out.
Megan loves her Grandma and Grandpa Warrick.
A great visit but we were happy to come home. It was sooooo cold there.

Watch Out...Here She Comes!

Ashlyn is crawling! She has been at it for about a month now and is everywhere. This video was taken when she first started crawling. She is a lot better at it now. She is also pulling herself up on her knees and every once in a while she will pull herself all the way up on her feet. It is so fun to watch my children grow!

We had to move our coffee table out of the living room. The glass on it is not attached to the wood, so she would crawl underneath and then push the glass up with her head. I guess I should be lucky she never hurt herself.