June 29, 2009

Warthen Sister Reunion

This last weekend we had the Warthen sisters reunion in Heber City, Utah. We had a really good turn out but missed those who couldn't come. It was so green and beautiful up there. Here are some pictures to tell about the weekend.
This is a picture of my parents, their kids and all the grandkids. We are only missing Alex and apprently my parents and Jacob's heads. We haven't had everyone together like this for a picture since my wedding 6 years ago.
This picture doesn't do justice. It was overcast for this picture, but during the day with sunny skies, it was beautiful. They had a rainy June, so everything was especially green.

Some of the cousins hanging out. Thanks to Jason and Candee for letting us use there house. It was the perfect place for the reunion.
Friday night was motorcyle riding night. All the younger boys would stand in line for a turn to ride the motorcyle or the 4 wheeler that Jeremy had brought. Little did we know that later that night there would be a trip to the hospital. Braden ended up cutting his leg to the bone and had to have 28 stitches total. He was a trooper and we were all grateful it wasn't more serious.

Can you believe there was even a car show in Heber City on Saturday? Brian went down to it along with some of the other cousins. I think he enjoyed being able to do that while on vacation.
Connie, Mom, Jeremy, Verlee and Kaleb sitting at the pool on Saturday.

There was a 1 1/2 foot deep pool that Megan loved. She played in it the whole time. The jets would push her around in circles. It looked pretty relaxing. Here's a video of her.

Getting read for the talent show. What a great bunch of kids.

Megan wanted to do the pledge of allegiance but got stage fright and ended up needing a little help. She was such a good little girl the whole reunion. She didn't want to leave. She said she wanted to stay in Utah for a long, long time.
This is the only picture I have from the reunion of the 3 sisters. Connie and Barb were dressed up for a skit that they had done for the talent show. They were the ones that planned it and they did a great job. The 3 of them and their families used to all live in the Treasure Valley, but now that we all have families of our own, many of them have moved away. So we are always excited to see each other when reunion time comes around.

Our cute little family. Verlee took this on Saturday night after we said our goodbyes to everyone. We left on Sunday morning and made it home in one piece. We had a great time but we were glad to be back in our own home.

June 22, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

June 20th was our 6 year anniversary. It has been 6 wonderful years and I consider myself the luckiest woman to be married to Brian. We celebrated by going to dinner at Brick 29. Doesn't my dinner look so yummy. The filet mignon melted in my mouth. Brian had a very good ribeye steak. Very good restaurant.

Snug as a bug ....

Snug as a bug in a rug.

Our funny little Megan.

What a suprise!

On June 4, Amy dropped Gage and Cole off at my house so I could watch them while she went to a doctors appointment. She was going to meet up with us afterwards to go swimming. But little Dane had different plans. She went to that appointment and was told Dane was going to be born that day. What a surprise.

This is the whole gang at the swimming pool in Angie's subdivision. They all had such a good time. They were so famished when they got out so we ate a few snacks. What a bunch of cuties!

She gets it from her dad

We think that Megan may take after her dad and become an engineer. Here are some examples why. Everything always has to be lined up like this. It's pretty funny.

Why we're wacky moments 1-6

#6 We made cupcakes the other day and when you could start to smell them cooking Megan said "those cupcakes smell beautiful."

#5 Megan turned to Ashlyn the other day and said "thank you for coming out of mommy's tummy". I guess I should be thankful too. I wouldn't want her still in there.

#4 First wacky moment of the night - Last night we put the lights on our tree. When we were ready to plug them in, we realized we had put them on backwards and the plug was at the top of the tree. Second wacky moment - When we told Megan why we were taking the lights off she asked Brian if he did it on purpose. I wanted to say to her "Yes Megan, we like to hang lights two times in one night. "

#3 I was in Ashlyn's room feeding her the other day and Megan was out in the living room. Or so I thought. I had the door open and I could tell she was doing something, I just couldn't figure out what. I didn't want to stop nursing so I just waited. After a little while she walks in with a ham and cheese sandwich. I almost started laughing. Two pieces of bread with 2 pieces of ham and a slice of cheese. (don't worry, it was presliced cheese). She was so proud of herself, the whole rest of the day she kept telling me she had made me "a grilled cheese sandwich". Funny girl!

#2 Megan watches a cartoon called Kai Lan where the little girl teaches you a few words in Chinese. Usually she asks if you can say hi in Chinese and then says it. The other day Megan was going to use the bathroom and turned to me and said "Can you say poop in Chinese?". I had to turn my head so she wouldn't see my laughing.

#1 According to Megan, we are all going to become nuns. Her new favorite movie is The Sound of Music. She saw the nuns and told me that Ashlyn, me and herself needed to get black heads and dance and sing. Sorry Megan, no nuns in this household.


The other day I gave Ashlyn a few chocolate chips and this is what we ended up with. As I'm sure you guessed, she got a bath afterwards.

Such an innocent face.

Happy Birthday Ashlyn!!!!!

I know, I'm a little behind in posting, but better late than never. April 15 was Ashlyn's 1 year birthday. I can't believe it has been a year already. I call her my tax baby. She is such a joy to have in our lives. She makes me laugh every day. Here are a few pictures from her party.
The cake
Opening presents

She got so excited when she opened the card that had this in it. It was like she really knew what it was. She kept waving it around and playing with it. It was pretty funny.
She never did get too messy with the cake. She basically stayed on top and played with the frosting.

June 5, 2009


Easter morning was a lot of fun again this year. We have made it a tradition to have the Easter Bunny hide eggs and then the girls get to find them. It is always a lot of fun to watch.
Megan showing off what she got in her bucket.
I found a bunny mom!
Look! Two eggs!
Apparently she couldn't wait for us to open the egg.

Easter egg hunt at the Church

Our ward had an Easter breakfast and then an egg hunt again this year. Megan was so excited. She even got to use her new Easter bucket from Trey and Rebecca. Thanks so much Rebecca - it is soooo cute!
Here they are getting ready to go hunting.
I found one!!
Megan and Trey with their Easter buckets. I think they both got a good amount candy.

Coloring Easter Eggs

We decided to color Easter eggs this year and it was a lot of fun. Megan really enjoyed herself. It will definitely be a tradition in the Warrick household.

The finished product after bath time.

Mission reunion and visiting family

At the beginning of April we went to Bountiful, Utah for Brian's mission reunion. It had been quite a while since they had had one, so Brian was glad we were able to go. I didn't get any pictures, but we had Jamaican food for dinner and a short slide show. It was a good time and I think Brian was glad to be able to see some of the guys from the mission.
While were down there we were able to see my brand new nephew. He was only about a week old. So tiny! My mom was jealous that I got to see him first. This is my brother Erik and Nathan.

Megan loves babies. She was so excited to be able to hold Nathan.
Thanks for letting us come visit, Erik and Becky!

Grandpa Ralph

At the end of March, my Grandpa Ralph passed away. What an incredible man. He lived a great life and I am grateful for to have had him in my life. My Grandma Rene had passed away 19 years before and I know that they are together now. I felt it a privilege to be able to be there with him in his last couple of weeks.

I had the privilege of speaking at his funeral. It was hard, but I am so grateful he asked me to do that. These pictures are from the graveside after the funeral service. He was in the military so they played taps and had the flag over his casket. It was a pretty neat thing to watch.

This is a picture of almost all the grandchildren. I think we were only missing Erik from my family and Lacy from the Pearce family. Good looking group if you ask me.