August 29, 2010

I just love our girls!


These are just random pictures of the girls. Kalli is growing too fast! I think they are all so cute and had to share.

Swimming Lessons #1


This is Megan's second summer of swimming lessons and she absolutely loves them. This year we scheduled it so Megan and her friend Kenny could take lessons together. Megan looked forward to seeing him every day. They both did great but didn't pass so we took another class later in the summer.

Here she is ready to go.
It was kind of nice having them in a separate little pool all to themselves.
Megan and Kenny practicing their kicking. I think it was one of their favorite parts.

Father's Day


A Happy Father's Day to the best dad in the world. Brian and his beautiful girls. They adore him. This year Father's Day, our anniversary and my sister's birthday all landed on the same day.

August 12, 2010

Our Anniversary


June 20th was our 7 year anniversary. I can't believe it has been that long already. I couldn't be happier. A wonderful husband and three beautiful girls. We have made it a tradition for Brian to take the Friday or Monday closest to our anniversary off to spend together as a family. Then Brian and I go out to dinner to end the day. This year we decided to stay close and feed the ducks at Lakeview Park. The girls love throwing popcorn to them. Of course we enjoy a little popcorn ourselves. After that we had lunch under a tree in the park and went home for naps. I think all of us took one that day.

Later that night Brian and I went to Kahootz for dinner. I really like the food there and had wonderful fillet mignon. We thought we had parked in the right place, but ended up getting caught right in the middle of the Dairy Days Parade. We ended up watching most of the parade and then went miniature golfing.

The day was very relaxing and we all had a really good time.

August 5, 2010



Brian got a new helmet and everyone had to try it on. I'd say it was a little big.

Kalli's Blessing


We blessed Kalli on Memorial Day weekend. We figured it would be easier for people to travel with a long weekend. The day seemed a little crazy, so the only picture I got was of Kalli in her car seat. But you still can see her beautiful dress. We also have a crocheted blanket we use that day also.
What a beautiful little girl.

This is our attempt at a family picture. The button on my sleeve had got caught in Megan's hair so that is why she is crying. Kalli was crying and Ashlyn was just not interested in what was going on.
My brother and his family got Kalli this cute blessing bracelet. So pretty.
My side of the family.
Brian's side of the family.
The whole clan.

August 4, 2010

Monkey see, monkey do


The title of my post says it all. I pumped for the first couple of months and every time I sat down to do it, Ashlyn and Megan thought they needed to do it to. It was too funny so I had to get it on video.

Ashlyn's Birthday


Ashlyn's birthday was actually April 15, which was only 6 days after Kalli was born. There was no way we were going to have a party with a 6 day old baby, so we waited a couple of weeks. Thank goodness she was clueless as to when her birthday really was. We had a good time with all of our family.
I stole this cake idea off the back of a cake mix box. I thought it turned out pretty good.
Here's Ashlyn opening the gift that we as a family got her. Megan was so excited to give it to her. It is a wheel barrow and some digging utensils. Those girls love to dig in the bag yard.

Our First Injury


I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, I just wasn't sure what they injury would be. Ashlyn was so enthralled with Kalli and her eyes when she was first born. I was in the kitchen and heard Kalli start wailing. I came around the corner and saw these next two images.
Such an innocent little face. But there's menace in those eyes.
Poor Kalli and the skin above her eyes. Ashlyn had tried to open her eyes and scraped the skin above her eyes on both sides. It looked worse in person.

It's Getting Crowded


This was pretty common when Kalli was just born. Ashlyn apparently thought Kalli needed some company in her little chair. It would always make me laugh when I would come in to the room and see something like this.

Our 3 girls loving each other.
Sleeping the day away. I feel bad because I haven't taken as many pictures of Kalli as I did the other girls. I guess that's what happens when you are the third child.

Dressing Up


I'm not quite sure what these girls are dressing up as, but they sure look cute.

Megan holding Kalli at 10 days old. Megan is such a helper around with her and loves her to pieces.